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Introducing the NuGet Button

In the mean time, I seriously needed to make more people aware of nuget's awesomeness. In Facebook C# SDK, we ship two files from the codeplex download tab – binary/assembly files (also available through nuget) and source code. But at the end of the day, the number of assembly files downloaded from codeplex always seems to be the higher than that of the source code and almost double than from nuget. (most probably VS2008 users.). So I decided that I 'm going to start putting the Install-Package button in my blog on almost every blog post I do about Facebook C# SDK.
I guess you came to this post by searching similar kind of issues in any of the search engine and hope that this resolved your problem. If you find this tips useful, just drop a line below and share the link to others and who knows they might find it useful too.

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