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RSA Library with Private Key Encryption in C#

RSA is one of the most important Public key cryptographic algorithms which is keeping the web alive. From secure transactions, secure mail to authentication and certificates. Its use is universal.

The basic design of RSA is very simple and elegant and uses simple mathematical operations, yet it is very strong. If used properly, it is nearly impossible to break, given the mathematical complexity of the factoring problem.

The .NET framework provides native support for RSA and it is pretty useful for most of the purposes. But, for certain cases like some signature schemes, we may require to perform 'private key encryption', which is not natively supported. So, for a project I had to implement the RSA encryption and decryption from scratch. And, as without proper padding this scheme is vulnerable to attacks, I have also implemented OAEP and PKCS v1.5 padding schemes. This library (RSAx) is fully compatible with the .NET Framework's implementation of RSA.

I guess you …