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Windows Vista File Structure

In the Windows Vista File Structure tutorial we will cover how to view files in different ways, organizing and moving files, and creating new folders
Understanding how to view your files and where they are located is very important. I have run into so many occasions where clients are just not able to fine data they have created.
Lest start by setting up our file window to make it easier to find the information we are looking for.
Double click on My Computer. When the My Computer Window opens click on tools then folder options.
 The Folder Options window will open.

In the general tab under the Browse Folders section make sure the Open each folder in the same window is selected. If you choose to open each folder in another window things can get cluttered very quickly.
In the next section, Click items as follows, you can select to single or double click to open your foldersand files. If you have trouble with double clicking this is a great option to allow you to open your fo…

Windows Vista Updates Tutorial

Updates in Windows Vista are very important. The Windows updates help keep your computer safe from viruses and secure from hackers. In the Windows Vista updates tutorial we will cover the security center and I will take you through how to keep your computer safe and secure.

Usually when you set up your computer you set it to automatically update. You can check your settings by clicking Start then clicking Settings if you are using the classic start menu and Control Panel. If you are using the Vista start menu then click Start then Control Panel. When the Control panel opens click on Security. The security window will open and click on Security Center.

When Windows Security opens look to the right of the Firewall, Automatic updating, malware protection and Other security settings and make sure they are turned on.

If any of the settings are red or turned off click the down arrow to the right. It will give you a button or a link to fix the problem. I recommend having…

Windows Vista Control Panel Tutorial

In the Windows Vista Control Panel Tutorial we will only cover the features that a senior or beginner computer user would be interested in. The Control panel is full of tools to change the way Windows looks and behaves.

We will cover the topics of User Accounts and Family Safety, appearance and Personalization, and printers and Keyboard. You can click on any of these topics to jump ahead.

We are going to start with User Accounts and Family Safety. To open the Control Panel Click on Start then Control Panel in the right hand column if you are using the default start menu, if you have your start menu set to Classic the control panel is under settings. When the Control Panel opens it will look like this.

If your control panel looks different you are probably in Classic View. Click on Control panel Home in the left column. We will be continuing the tutorials in the Control Panel Home View.

User Accounts and Family Security is a place where you can add or delete users, ch…

Windows Vista Desktop Tutorial

Before we start the Windows Vista Tutorial Desktop Edition I want to give you a brief description of what a desktop is. A computer desktop allows you to arrange the icons on the electronic desktop just as you arrange real objects on a real desktop by moving them around, putting one on top of another, reshuffling them, and throwing them away.

Many users put files and shortcuts to programs on their desktop so they can find them easily. I would like to show you some fun features of the Windows Vista Desktop.

Start by right clicking any where on the desktop you can to access the features menu.

Put your mouse over View. This will bring up another menu you can use to change the size of your icons by selecting, Large Icons, Medium Icons, or Classic Icons. You can also automatically arrange your icons with Auto Arrange, or hide all icons on your desktop by clicking Show Desktop Icons to uncheck it.

The other tool I find useful is Sort By. Right click again any where on your de…

Free Windows Vista Tutorials

Most basic computer users only need to know a few things about their operating system. In Windows Vista Tutorials we will cover the basics of Windows Vista. We will start with the Start Menu, desktop and screen saver then move through the control panel and explore the topics of user accounts, display options, printers and mouse. We will then move onto file structure and windows updates. If you would like to jump around you can access each of these tutorials in the links above. Enjoy the easy to follow tutorials and please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Let's get start with learning about your start menu and desktop.
The Windows Vista start menu is where you will find and access all of your programs and settings. There are 2 looks to your start menu, classic and the default version. Windows Vista default Start Menu will look like this.

The left hand column is a list of recently used programs and will change as you use your computer. The right hand colu…